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A cloud based integrated learning solution to improve efficiency and productivity of operations, optimization of training resources, enhance student services, expand market share by increasing geographical reach and effective utilization of their training facilities.



Chnoumis is a universal creator God who created humans and all living things using his potter wheel. He was the guardian of the Nile who ensured the right amount of silt was released into the water during the inundation.

Our Mission

To provide affordable customized IT solutions to enable our valued clients to serve their customers efficiently so as to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Vision

To enrich enterprises through our enterprising IT solutions.

Our Passion

Here's what we do

  • Build Infrastructure

    We build state of the art infrastructure that is both secure and scalable. We use the latest technologies to automate creation, development and deployment of applications in isolated containers.

  • Web Development and Design

    We use web application framework such as Angular and Typescript in building web applications and use Java Web Services as the core backend technology.

  • Business Analysis

    We take the time to analyse how your business works so we can give better solutions or systems tailored to your needs.

  • Requirement Gathering

    Your business operation is our priority, we expertise in information gathering from the ground up so we can fully understand the overall flow and give quality system design for your business.

Case Study

The challenge of Setting Up an Infrastructure for Online Learning Platform

Deploying an LMS Solution in a clustered environment on the cloud in Southeast Asia is a huge challenge as the load is heavy. We use the latest cutting edge technologies to ensure our servers are always up and running 24/7. Our competitive advantage lies in the expertise of our staff, the reason why we can provide our service at a competitive cost.
Our Products

We treat every project with your business in mind. Thus, we design, develop,
build and test every system carefully to achieve beautiful, functional and reliable results.

  • Osiris

    Universal Database
  • Thoth

    Enterprise Messaging Service
  • Anubis

    Web Service Framework
  • Seshat

    Integration Platform as a Service
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